Декабрь 2018

Matthias Hartmann enjoys success with CHSH

Major success for the criminal law team at CHSH: All criminal charges brought by the Central Public Prosecutor's Office for White-Collar Crime and Corruption against the former Director of the Burgtheater, Matthias Hartmann, who has been represented by CHSH, have been dropped.

"As someone who never had any experience of dealing with the justice system, the dedicated, professional and empathetic manner in which assistance was provided to me by the team at CHSH was absolutely essential. Without their support I – at all times convinced of my innocence – would have become exasperated with the Austrian justice system", Hartmann said.

Mr Hartmann was represented by Peter Lewisch, professor of criminal law and attorney at CHSH, and Stefan Huber, partner at CHSH.

"We're pleased that Matthias Hartmann is once again able to dedicate 100% of his being to what he lives for: the theatre", said Peter Lewisch and Stefan Huber.

CHSH is a leading Austrian corporate law firm. The criminal law team is mentioned in all relevant rankings.