Global Reach: CHSH operates at the international level

CHSH thinks and operates in international terms. We are listed as an Austrian partner law firm in the following international networks LEX MUNDI - The World's Leading Network of Independent Law Firms, ELA - Employment Law Alliance, IFA - International Fiscal Association and EFL, European Franchise Lawyers.

Lex Mundi – The World's Leading Network of Independent Law Firms

Cerha Hempel Spiegelfeld Hlawati is the exclusive member firm in Austria for Lex Mundi – the world’s leading network of independent law firms with in-depth experience in 100+ countries worldwide.

As part of the Lex Mundi global network, we can provide our clients with preferred access to more than 21,000 lawyers around the world – all from a single point of contact.

Individually, each Lex Mundi member firm is a leader in its local market. Collectively, Lex Mundi firms provide global legal resources with unmatched depth and breadth. Working with other Lex Mundi firms, we are able to seamlessly handle our clients’ most challenging cross-border transactions and disputes.

Your Lex Mundi contact at CHSH:

Dr. Benedikt Spiegelfeld Tel: +43 1 514 35 111

Dr. Edith Hlawati Tel: +43 1 514 35 161

Hon.-Prof. Dr. Irene Welser Lex Mundi Regional Vice Chair Dispute Resolution Europe Middle East and Africa

Telefon: (+43 1) 514 35–121


Lex Mundi Video

ELA – Employment Law Alliance

The Employment Law Alliance (ELA) was founded in 2000 by Stephen Hirschfeld in San Francisco, and focuses on labour law. The alliance’s motto is "hire one lawyer, get the expertise of two thousand." No fewer than 54 law firms in the USA and overseas have since become members of ELA. Each represents its local market as an expert in labour law.CHSH is represented in this network and is able to exchange knowledge, research results and experience with all of the law firms involved at a global level.

Your ELA contact at CHSH:

Mag. Julian Feichtinger

Tel:  +43 1 514 35 191


IFA – International Fiscal Association

The IFA – founded more than 60 years ago – is an association operating worldwide with its seat in Rotterdam. The association promotes the study and advancement of international and comparative law with regard to public finance, specifically international and comparative fiscal law, and the financial and economic aspects of taxation. The association seeks to achieve these objectives through research and publications and by holding congresses throughout the world where its branches are located.

Your IFA contact at CHSH:

Dr. Clemens Hasenauer, LL.M.

Tel: +43 1 514 35 321