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Name Function Location
Dr. Benedikt Spiegelfeld Partner Vienna
Dr. Edith Hlawati Partner Vienna
Hon.-Prof. Dr. Irene Welser Partner Vienna
Mag. Julian Feichtinger, LL.M. Partner Vienna
Dr. Volker Glas, LL.M. Partner Vienna
Dr. Albert Birkner, LL.M. Partner Vienna
Dr. Peter Vcelouch Partner Vienna
Dr. Clemens Hasenauer, LL.M. Partner Vienna
Dr. Johannes Aehrenthal, LL.M. Partner Vienna
Dr. Peter Knobl Partner Vienna
Mag. Georg Konrad, LL.M. Partner Vienna
Dr. Thomas Zivny, LL.M. Partner Vienna
Dr. Manfred Ton Partner Vienna
Johannes Prinz Partner Vienna
Dr. Thomas Trettnak, LL.M./CM Partner Vienna
Dr. Bernhard Kofler-Senoner, LL.M. Partner Vienna
Dr. Hans Kristoferitsch, LL.M. Partner Vienna
Mag. Heinrich Foglar-Deinhardstein, LL.M. Partner Vienna
Mag. Mark Krenn Partner Vienna
Dr. Harald Stingl, LL.M. Partner Vienna
MMag. Dr. Stefan Huber, LL.M. Partner Vienna
JUDr. Karol Šiška Partner Bratislava
JUDr. Jozef Bannert Partner Bratislava
Paula Bourdenet Partner Bucharest
Vlad Cîrjan Partner Bucharest
Radu Gilescu Partner Bucharest
Marius Măgureanu Partner Bucharest
Mirela Nathanzon Partner Bucharest
Ovidiu Văleanu, MBA Partner Bucharest
Dr. Attila Dezső Partner Budapest
Dr. Orsolya Hajós Partner Budapest
Dr. Attila Marjai Partner Budapest
Dr. Edina Nagy Partner Budapest
Dr. Tamás Polauf Partner Budapest
Dr. Andrea Presser LL.M. Partner Budapest
Dr. Ilona Rónay-Csordás Partner Budapest
Dr. Wilhelm Stettner Partner Budapest
Dr. Sándor Szterényi Partner Budapest
Dr. Katalin Veszely Partner Budapest
Sergei Makarchuk, LL.M. Partner Minsk
JUDr. Petr Kališ, Ph.D. Partner Prague
Mgr. Jiří Salač, LL.M. Partner Prague
JUDr. Pavel Široký Partner Prague
Boyko Guerginov Partner Sofia
PD Dr. Nicolas Raschauer PD Vienna
Natalia Balaban Senior Attorney Chisinau
MMag. Christian Aichinger Senior Attorney Vienna
Dr. Alexander Babinek, MBL Senior Attorney Vienna
MMag. Johannes Buchinger Senior Attorney Vienna
MMag. Elisabeth Gruber Senior Attorney Vienna
Mag. Barbara Klinger Senior Attorney Vienna
Univ.-Prof. DDr. Peter Lewisch Senior Attorney Vienna
MMag. Dr. Michael Mayer Senior Attorney Vienna
Mag. Susanne Molitoris, LL.M. Senior Attorney Vienna
Mag. Matthias Nödl Senior Attorney Vienna
Mag. Karin Peyerl Senior Attorney Vienna
Mag. Lorenz Pracht, LL.M. Senior Attorney Vienna
Dr. Katerina Schenkova, LL.M. Senior Attorney Vienna
Dr. Michaela Siegwart Senior Attorney Vienna
Mag. Elisabeth Strobl Senior Attorney Vienna
Dr. Oliver Völkel, LL.M. Senior Attorney Vienna
Sarah Wared, LL.M. Senior Attorney Vienna
Mag. Gernot Wilfling Senior Attorney Vienna
Dr. Bernhard Wychera, LL.M. Senior Attorney Vienna
Mag. Nikolay G. Yanev, LL.M. Senior Attorney Vienna
JUDr Zuzana Bannert Mikulová Senior Attorney Bratislava
JUDr. Oxana Báreková Senior Attorney Bratislava
JUDr. Ľudmila Dohnalová Senior Attorney Bratislava
JUDr. Marek Hraška Senior Attorney Bratislava
Iuliana Dinu Senior Attorney Bucharest
Ana Maria Dumitrache Senior Attorney Bucharest
Adrian Feneşan Senior Attorney Bucharest
Roxana Haack, LL.M Senior Attorney Bucharest, Timisoara
Dragoş Marinescu Senior Attorney Bucharest
Zizi Popa Senior Attorney Bucharest
Cătălin Simionescu Senior Attorney Bucharest
Alina Valeanu Senior Attorney Bucharest
Andrei Zamfirescu Senior Attorney Bucharest
Dr. György Bálint Senior Attorney Budapest
Dr. Katalin Deák Senior Attorney Budapest
Dr. Gabriella Donner Senior Attorney Budapest
Dr. András Fenyőházi Senior Attorney Budapest
Dr. András Kauten Senior Attorney Budapest
Dr. Gabriella Klotz Senior Attorney Budapest
Dr. Márton Kocsis Senior Attorney Budapest
Dr. Eszter Á. Kontor Senior Attorney Budapest
Dr. László Krüpl, LL.M. Senior Attorney Budapest
Dr. György Molnár Senior Attorney Budapest
Dr. Gizella Nagy Senior Attorney Budapest
Dr. Petra Novotny Senior Attorney Budapest
Dr. Erzsébet Végh Senior Attorney Budapest
Dr. Nikoletta Wolf Senior Attorney Budapest
Dr. Károly Zaicsek Senior Attorney Budapest
Nikita Tolkanitsa Senior Attorney Minsk
Mgr. Zuzana Hrbáľová Senior Attorney Prague
JUDr. Martin Kartner Senior Attorney Prague
Mgr. Jan Morávek Senior Attorney Prague
Mgr. David Simek Senior Attorney Prague
Kalin Bonev Senior Attorney Sofia
Nikolina Dzhalazova LL.M. Eur. Senior Attorney Sofia
Sebastian Bolda Senior Attorney Timisoara
Adela Fara Senior Attorney Timisoara
Mag. Eva-Maria Abpurg Associate Vienna
Mag. Julia Berent, LL.B.oec. LL.M. Associate Vienna
Mag. Karl Dreihann-Holenia Associate Vienna
Mag. Stefanie Friedl, LL.M. Associate Vienna
Martin Fürthaler, LL.M. Associate Vienna
Mag. David Gasser Associate Vienna
Valentin Graf Associate Vienna
Ing. Eugenio Gualtieri, LL.B. Associate Vienna
Mag. Mario Hainböck, E.MA Associate Vienna
Mag. Jakob Hartig, LL.M. Associate Vienna
Mag. Stefanie Heimel Associate Vienna
MMag. Stephanie Herbeck Associate Vienna
Mag. Mariella Kapoun Associate Vienna
Anna Kohlmaier Associate Vienna
Florian Kunz, LL.B. Associate Vienna
Mag. Nadine Leitner Associate Vienna
Mag. Christopher Peitsch Associate Vienna
Mag. Julia Raith, LL.M. Associate Vienna
Mag. Christoph Reiter Associate Vienna
Michael Schlemmer Associate Vienna
Dr. Armin Schwabl, LL.M. Associate Vienna
Simona Shpilsky Associate Vienna
Mag. Alexandra Simotta, LL.M. Associate Vienna
Mag. Elisabeth Stocker Associate Vienna
Mag. Alexandra Stoffl, M.A. Associate Vienna
Goezde Tas Associate Vienna
Mag. Nikolaus Rupert Walkner Associate Vienna
Mag. Kara Wieland, BA Associate Vienna
Mag. Christina Wieser, LL.M. Associate Vienna
Markus Winkler Associate Vienna
Ines Wöhrer, LL.B. Associate Vienna
Mgr. Zuzana Bínovská Associate Bratislava
Mgr. Katarína Poláková, LL.M. Associate Bratislava
JUDr. Radka Škapcová Associate Bratislava
Anda Nicoara Associate Bucharest
Dr. Judit Ferenczy Associate Budapest
Dr. Zoltán Kolodzey Associate Budapest
Dr. Magdolna Macsuga, LL.M. Associate Budapest
Dr. Péter Szajlai Associate Budapest
Dr. Márton Tiba Associate Budapest
Dr. Bernadett Török Associate Budapest
Marina Makarchuk Associate Minsk
Mgr. Jiří Hammer Associate Prague
Mgr. Jan Jakl Associate Prague
Mgr. Kristyna Kovarova Associate Prague
Mgr. Karolina Nováková Associate Prague
Mgr. Gabriela Škvareková Associate Prague
Mgr. Nikol Španvirtová Associate Prague
Mgr. Lukáš Srbecký Associate Prague
Mgr. Alexandra Štrobachová Associate Prague

Our offices in CEE are organised in compliance with local bar rules, and all are structured as local entities, and, where applicable, partners in our CEE offices are partners of the relevant local entity.