August 2017

CHSH partner Heinrich Foglar-Deinhardstein publishes GmbH commentary

In collaboration with attorney Dr. Nora Aburumieh and substitute notary Dr. Alexandra Hoffenscher-Summer, CHSH partner Mag. Heinrich Foglar-Deinhardstein LL.M. (KCL) has co-authored a new commentary on the Limited Liability Companies Act, soon to be published by Verlag Österreich.

This commentary is a completely new and unprecedented work. It is structured in the same way as a conventional commentary, but the content and style are clearly in keeping with the motto "by and for practitioners".

34 authors – from judicial officers, notaries public, attorneys and chartered accountants, to legal professionals in the private and public sectors – present their professional experience of the legislation over the course of 2,000 pages. The focus is on addressing the questions and issues that are of particular practical relevance. By pinpointing the risks and legal consequences and providing the reader with numerous examples and templates, the authors have brought the law governing the GmbH to life. The commentary is rounded off by a brief overview of the most recent developments in and relating to the field of commercial law.

The new publication will be presented in September by Univ.-Prof. Dr. Friedrich Rüffler LL.M. (University of Vienna).

In addition to CHSH partner Heinrich Foglar-Deinhardstein, the authors also include CHSH partners MMag. Johannes Prinz and Dr. Thomas Trettnak LL.M./CM and former CHSH partner MMag. Elisabeth Gruber (now Head of Department at the Federal Ministry of Finance).